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Suction Cup Busy Tug Toy

Suction Cup Busy Tug Toy

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  • The solution to your pup's destructive chewing habits! This self-playing tug toy uses an innovative design to help relieve pressure from your dog's teeth, greatly reducing unwanted chewing behaviors. It provides a fun outlet for your dog while also alleviating anxiety & stress.  

    "I needed some toys to capture my puppies attention so he wouldn't get into trouble and expend his energy in a healthy manner. He loves to tug and this is a great toy for puppies/small/medium dogs. It's a super fun toy that keeps him engaged and helps his teething period which is important." 
     -Tammy R.
    ✔️ Reduces Destructive Chewing Habits
    ✔️ Alleviates Anxiety and Stress
    ✔️ Relieves Oral Pain/Discomfort


    This self-playing tug toy helps relieve pressure from your dog's teeth, which greatly reduces any unwanted chewing behaviors. Distracts your furry friend from chewing your furniture, shoes, or any other personal items!


    Your pet is powerful & loves to play, we get it! Thats why each toy is only made with a powerful suction cup & highly durable drawstring.


    Being stuck inside all day can deprive your dog of much needed exercise. This can be detrimental to your pups health and overall wellbeing. Most dogs are in need of a way to get healthy exercise while staying safe indoors. The Tug Toy™ provides an excellent solution for your dogs health while eliminating any boredom.

    Treat your pup to the Tug Toy™ and watch as it transforms your dog's life by improving health, increasing wellbeing and longevity, and keeping them happy!


    • 1 x Tug Toy™ - Suction Cup Dog Toy

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  • Rinse with soap and water.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Trudie Lakin

This toy is pretty cool! My dog spends a long time playing with it & it definitely challenges him and provides mental stimulation! In addition, he is a DESTROYER - i have timed how long it takes him to destroy toys and he was gone through Super Chewer toys in less than 7mins. this toy is very durable and sturdy! the suction power is great once you get it to stick though! Just today he spent about 20 mins trying to get a treat out and he would leave, come back, and try again

Rosie Stiedemann
Kept my puppy busy!

This is a super cute toy with a great concept. My boy is a power chewers and destroys most toys. My dog loves balls and tug but I don't always want to play with him so I thought this was perfect. I like that the treats don't come out easily so he has to spend more time working. Overall I think it's a good concept and I can see it being great for all dogs.

Dennis Blick

This toy stays well on our tile while our pup tugs and goes crazy. I really like the idea and product itself. She loves tug a war.

Cristopher Kiehn
Recommend to keep your dog busy

I absolutely recommend this product. I wanted a toy that my dog could play with without me so I could have five minutes of peace. If you have a dog that wouldn't bite the suctions then this toy would be perfect for you. I just add some food inside the ball and he stays focused on the ball until the food is gone. Also, he loves bell toys and this seems to be the first toy that I don't have to worry about him untangling the bell and eating it.

Jarred Zieme
Reduced his chewing.

Got this toy to keep my dog entertained throughout the day when I can't so he doesn't tear things up. He loves it. Suction cup is great on our kitchen floor. My dog loves to tug and pull and as long as it has a good suction it doesn't move.